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I designed a new logo for a great wine education company in Eindhoven, ran by vinologist and accredited wine teacher Claudia van Dongen, Wijnpassie.nl. This post is a bit elaborate, as I’d like to give you a feel for how I normally work, so here goes:

What I’ll normally do is make some sketches on paper and then take them into Photoshop or Illustrator for quick visualizations such as this one below, which I’ll bounce of the client to get a feel for their response.

One of the first ideas for the whole logo

A first idea for the whole logo with a bottle and the logo in a simulated wine stain

In this case we both concluded that the overall results were too clinical and we should be looking for something a bit more lively, but at the same time emphasizing that this is a serious wine course, although fun is of course by no means excluded. I realized I needed something a bit more natural, so I did the following:

Wine stain with vaseline wine bottle inside

I painted a wine bottle with vaseline on a kitchen plate to form a natural wine stain

That then gets taken into the computer, where I tweaked endlessly to get the bottle to look exactly like the way I wanted it to.

The proposal for the final logo, based on the vaseline wine stain

The final logo, based on the vaseline wine stain.

And the final result, including endless tweaking and searching for the right kerning and font witdths, including the name and properties of the company. Getting the logo to work well on a transparent background was also a big challenge to get working correctly.

The final logo

The final logo

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