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The Police Project

Police Officers testing out several foam prototypes during one of my user research sessions

2007 – Graduation Project – At Philips Polymer Vision

My graduation project at Polymer Vision focused on designing a mobile information terminal for Police Officers. Police officers typically carry up to 15 different objects with them on any given day. Designing a new tool for a police officer will therefore always need to take the daily life of an officer into account.

One of the early prototypes used in user tests with police officers to get very quick early feedback

A somewhat later prototype for assessing general proportions and ergonomics of the device










I performed a qualitative user study with police officers from different districts in the Netherlands, having them fill out diaries and at a later stage evaluating foam prototypes with paper interface simulations.

A police officer illustrating that any device he carried with himself, would need to fit in his breast pocket.

The study lead to a product with a keyboard and able to fit in a breast pocket of a standard police shirt. Size and weight were important criteria for the police officers, as they would need to be able to quickly close and put the device away to act in a situations of sudden distress. Situations that sadly happened quite often.

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