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The Book Prototype

Detail photo of the book prototype

Here a detailed Photo of the book prototype can be seen. This prototype integrates batteries, chipsets, flexible display and mechanics in a fully working prototype.

Wrap devices have one slight problem; they are less user-friendly than some other alternatives such as this concept. The book concept was born on one (very!) long summer day in 2009 as a concept for a big potential client at that time. This prototype is the culmination of several years of work afterwards and it is fully working, meaning that it runs Android, is fully mobile, with a custom User Interface I designed and integrates electronics as well as a battery. And of course it is equipped with a rollable display.

I created the CAD models together with a colleague and oversaw production at an external partner using CNC and conventional milling. I was also the guy to then assemble the final concept. Two were built; so that if one would be off to customers, another is available in-house.

View of the book prototype, showing cad components

I created this image to show the cad model that was the basis for the book prototype.

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