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2003 – with Remy, Michel Peeters, Lorin Hendriks, Ivo Vos, Bas Groenendaal for Philips & Sphinkx

Project Rituals was an actual joint project by Philips and Sphinkx where the two companies explored new technological concepts for bathrooms.  We as students were asked to develop new ideas.  My most important input in the early stages of the project was choosing a variant on video observation as a user research technique.

Our problem was that it was very difficult to follow users in their own usage contexts, as bathrooms are very private environments, integral to the user observation technique. My variation was to take the context to the users, building a mobile ‘babble box’ in a bathroom context and walking into the centre of Eindhoven with it. In the city centre we asked people to talk to the video what kind of strange things they did in their bathrooms. The very rich results were then used as input for generating ideas. Final result were 200 proposals, divided up into different themes for the bathroom environment. In that latter phase I joined in creating the visualizations and the final presentations to the clients – which were quite happy with the result as it turned out.

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