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 2007 – at Polymer Vision

For its time, Readius was a great product; the ability to carry thousands of books in your pocket, be able to read whereever you want; heck even the competition is more bulky: I’d dare you to find a book that is smaller than a Readius. The fun thing was that the Readius was actually adopted by gamers playing a modded version of fallout; where it served as the perfect pip-boy companion: a device that kept you updated about your personal stats and where you were within the game. Of course, Readius itself would never have been up to such a huge task in real life; we designed the user interface to be as simple as possible and completely focused on e-reading.

Pipboy Readius

The Pipboy Readius, by Alex Scorpion and Brianide, and implicitly by Philips Design, me and my colleague Volker..

Here's an image of the actual readius; you can see that they spent a lot of effort getting the proportions almost correct.











A big issue I worked on during development of readius was the design of the back and options menu buttons: they were at first both integrated on the side of the touch sensitive area. When we got the first prototypes back from our Taiwanese ODM, we noticed that usability was not good enough. Problem was that the plastic injection molds at that time had already been made. I helped out by suggesting solutions that minimized the amount of molds that needed changing while at the same time ensuring that usability of the device was improved.

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