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Lumo Interactive Light Logo

2005 – with Philiph Mendels and Alexander Rulkens – For TU/e with Philips Lighting, Eindhoven Muncipality and Armada Signs

This project was carried out in conjunction with Philips Lighting in Eindhoven and Eindhoven City Council for the University in Eindhoven, celebrating the universities’ 50th anniversary. In essence, we created a dynamic light logo that could change color based on specific events. So for instance the logo could turn red, white and blue on a national Dutch holiday. We also performed several checks of the light system before it was added. We did experiments with different kinds of foils in front of the letters and the different attainable colors. We also created a software routine that was able to animate the lights during special events. For the official unveiling, I programmed an effect that was similar to a florescent tube starting, referring to the old lighting system, after which the logo started a ‘breathing’ routine heralding in the life of the new technology.

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